Excellence-preform mould

PET injection molds are different from ordinary injection molding molds. They have special requirements for the selection and performance of steel materials, such as small coefficients of thermal expansion and contraction, high heat transfer efficiency, and high thermal conductivity. The quality of the steel material and the heat treatment process directly affect the quality and life of the mold. Therefore, our company pays great attention and attention in this respect, especially the rigorous selection and management of suppliers and collaborators. The comparison of each family and the selection of layers can only effectively prevent the mold from being eliminated quality.

      As the saying goes: "A good knife matches a good man", no matter how good the kung fu is, it must be equipped with a good weapon in order to exert its great power. To make a good mold, high-quality steel is not enough, and high-precision automation equipment, such as high-speed milling, fine carving, wire cutting, CNC lathe, CNC electric spark and other equipment, is also required. YZ not only owns these precision equipments, but also has an experienced R & D and manufacturing team. Now it is competing with manufacturers with international advanced technology level, striving to achieve the localization of high-end preform molds, and breaking the domestic beverage giants to use imported molds as The main trend.

      Our company has the above requirements at the same time. There are very few domestic manufacturers with this ability. In addition, in the process of developing and manufacturing PET preforms, it must be repeatedly verified by the injection machine and the blow molding machine until the requirements are met. It is also a problem for domestic manufacturers.

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